Somewhere between Music and the Movies

Elias Ringquist – Singer, composer, piano player and voice actor. From his early days of acting in well-known films and television series to producing music in various genres, Elias has done it all. Since the beginning R&B and pop music have been at the root of his sound, though in recent years Elias has become influenced by classical, theatrical and film music.

Elias operates artistically as well as producing and composing for others. Latest releases include “River Love” by Kaiak and the new single “Jazz Me Up” with Agnes Cohen. He also has 2 feature songs on the compilation album Musikchansen Vol.1

During the fall of 2019 Elias will release new original music, starting with “Från Mörkt Till Ljust (Natt Med Dig)”

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Did you know that Elias started out as an actor?

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