Elias was born into a musical family and started performing at a very early age, singing, dancing and playing around on the piano.

At the age of 9, Elias received his first acting role in the Palme d´Or winning film “The Best Intentions” directed by Bille August and screenplay by Ingmar Bergman. Following, Elias became a sought-after child actor and garnered the most fame from portraying the son of Doris in two films from the Jönssonligan comedy series.

Elias eventually left acting to study music and vocals in Sweden as well as in the United States, where he attended Berklee College of Music and LACM in Los Angeles. During these years Elias began composing and writing his own music, inspired by R&B and soul artists, for which he arranged, produced, played the instruments and wrote the lyrics.

This resulted in album and single releases, both in Swedish and English, and various collaborations with other artists. The first solo release came in 2011 after having worked years on the project. While working on this first album, Elias also competed as a finalist on Swedish American Idol.

While developing his own sound, Elias began exploring other genres including classical, musical theatre, jazz, French music, and film scoring.

Elias is doing live performances, both as singer and pianist, and often performs alongside his mother Camilla Ringquist. He has toured and done TV, radio etc and is currently working on a new live concept with the backup vocal duo Karner Perrelli Vocals http://www.karnerperrellivocals.com